Jennifer Smith


Jennifer graduated from The Institute of Business and Medical Careers in Fort Collins, Colorado as a Registered Medical Assistant.  She also attended The Lactation Specialist Program in Mooresville, North Carolina and is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  Jennifer has been working with new Moms to help them breastfeed successfully since 2006.  She is dedicated to educating Mothers-to-be on the benefits of breastfeeding their baby as well as offering support and private consultation during the post partum period. 

Jennifer grew up in New England, where she worked on a horse farm and was a Nanny to six children for six years before moving to Colorado in 1997.  She is devoted to spending “family time” with her husband and 2 daughters, and enjoys cooking, gardening and outdoor adventures.

Nurture by Nature Lactation

Private Breastfeeding Class

Get off to a great start with this 90 minute session. We will touch on the vital basics given to you in an informative packet and tailor this time to addressing your personal questions and needs. This will be followed by an in-home visit 1-2 weeks post partum to ensure that you and baby are positioned and latched properly. A before and after-feed weight will also be done to assess adequate milk transfer. This can be a very emotional time for new mothers. You can be given the support needed to be confident breastfeeding your new baby and make it a joyful experience. This package also includes a gift bag and 30% off the purchase of a Medela double electric breast pump

Private Consults

When challenges arise or you just need some reassurance, it is beneficial to have a breastfeeding session observed by a lactation specialist. Before and after feed weight assessments will be done. You will receive emotional support and be given a plan for an optimal outcome. If necessary, communication may be made to your physical when medical intervention is needed.

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