What is ParaGard?

It's the only reversible birth control that's more than 99% effective and 100% hormone free.

Hormone free.

Because ParaGard® doesn't contain hormones, you don't have to worry about hormone-related
side effects such as associated weight gain, mood swings, acne or headaches. And unlike
many other forms of birth control, ParaGard® won't interfere with your natural menstrual cycle.


Generally your doctor can place ParaGard® within minutes during a routine office visit.
And the best part is that your doctor can remove it at any time if you decide you want
to have children later; you can even start trying to get pregnant that same day.


ParaGard® is an intrauterine contraceptive (IUC) that's been used by women for over 20 years in the U.S.


ParaGard® is more than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. In fact, it's one of the most effective
forms of birth control available, and it lasts as long as you want: two, five, even up to 10 years.

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